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The only hybrid infrastructure monitoring platform that's cloud-based and fully automated

Tools to work smarter

LogicMonitor enables you to customize and automate alert thresholds, escalation chains, workflows, and more.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Experience predictive insights and intelligent troubleshooting to scale, optimize costs, and drive innovation for maximum enterprise productivity. Infrastructure monitoring is a key part of LM Envision, a unified observability platform that brings clarity to enterprise IT.

Network Monitoring

Monitor the health and performance of your entire network infrastructure alongside your entire stack with one unified platform. LM Envision helps you visualize your network to troubleshoot issues faster, with autodiscovery and advanced coverage for any network.

Cloud Monitoring

Maximize your investment in AWS, Azure, GCP, and SaaS applications with real-time visibility into the health and performance of your cloud deployment. Get started with lightweight, agentless monitoring and automated performance threshold analysis.

AIOps platform

LogicMonitor’s AIOps platform enables businesses to see what’s coming before it happens. For engineers, this includes spending less time troubleshooting and more time innovating. AIOps delivers AI and machine learning that provide context, meaningful alerts, illuminate patterns, and enable foresight and automation.

Log analysis

Log intelligence at scale for hybrid and multi-cloud environments – instant access to contextualized and correlated logs and metrics in a single, unified cloud-based platform. With tiered retention options, including unlimited retention, and hot storage to optimize data hygiene and internal compliance initiatives.

Server monitoring

Monitor the health,performance, and utilization of your entire server infrastructure with LM Envision: LogicMonitor’s SaaS-based monitoring platform. Using LogicMonitor’s lightweight, agentless collector, LM Envision automatically detects, monitors, and alerts on: CPU, Memory, Network, and many other OS metrics for Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and more.

Website Monitoring

Monitor website performance from across the globe to ensure uptime and availability for internal and external sites. Improve end-user experience with on-the-spot service checks and synthetic transactions that optimize the health and performance of your website.

Database Monitoring

LogicMonitor provides agentless monitoring of a variety of database metrics to operationalize multi-team visibility into infrastructure-level database issues. Experience a single pane of glass view to present database metrics side by side with infrastructure and other items in your technology stack.

ALL of IT, In one place

Unify your Ops departments for the future of observability


One platform for every combination of cloud environments, networks, and security. The intricacies of CloudOps are endless, but LogicMonitor helps organize, prioritize and manage integrations, costs, time to value.


LogicMonitor enables DevOps to measure and improve SLOs to drive automation with a full-stack focus. Smart alerting and anomaly detection unlock the understanding of application deployments on the underlying cloud and hybrid environment. With Logic Monitor, you can, Deploy confidently, Gain comprehensive visibility, Track application performance.


Infrastructure, storage, cloud, datacenters and so much more. ITOps is at the forefront of modernizing and developing an ever-changing IT environment. Lead the charge with the power of observability at your fingertips. LogicMonitor is built to effortlessly monitor today’s tech stack and give you the ease of monitoring tomorrow’s. Use LM to: -Scale your existing infrastructure -Detect issues before they become problems -Avoid outages


LogicMonitor allows MSPs to rise above the limitations of legacy monitoring tools to modernize tech stacks, improve operational efficiency, and win more clients. LogicMonitor is far more than a tool, it’s a true partnership. With LogicMonitor, MSPs can deploy faster, monitor more, automate, scale.

Work faster, work smarter

LogicMonitor does the hard work for you with automated alert thresholds, AI-powered early warning capabilities, customizable escalation chains, workflows, and more.

Fuel for business acceleration

Embrace AIOps with LogicMonitor’s intelligent data forecasting, flexible reporting, and custom dashboards to provide insight that lets you automate responses based on trusted data.

Always ahead of the curve

We’re constantly rolling out product enhancements to address customer feedback and writing new integrations to keep pace with innovation.


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Download the 7 Tips for ITOps Teams Selecting an Observability Solution (PDF).

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